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Website Facts About Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Prevention 2002
Articles What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS - Definitions and Terms 2002
Website Centers for Disease Control and Prevention FAS Prevention Team    
Articles Neurodevelopmental Defects - Secondary Disabilities Secondary Disabilities 1998
Agency A1-Anon/Alateen 0  
Agency Alcoholics Anonymous 0  
Agency The Arc 0  
Agency Canadian Center on Substance Abuse 0  
Agency St. Luke's Hospital, Department of Pediatrics   FAS Diagnosis  
Agency Pediatrics of Neurologist   Prevention  
Agency Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs-Health Center      
Agency Kaiser Permanente Hospital- Department of Pediatrics Neurology   FAS Diagnosis  
Agency Emmanuel Children's Hospital - Department of Pediatric Development   FAS Diagnosis  
Agency Convent House Toronto   0  
Agency Fatal Alcohol Support Network of Toronto and Peel   0  
Agency National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA)   0  
Brochures, Pamphlets National Association for Perinatal Addiction Research and Education   0  
Agency American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)   0  
Agency American Psychiatric Association (APA)   0  
Agency American Psychological Association (APA)   0