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The National Indian Justice Center, Inc. (NIJC) is an Indian owned and operated non-profit corporation with principal offices in Santa Rosa, California. The National Indian Justice Center was established in 1983 through the collective efforts of the National American Indian Court Judges Association, the American Indian Lawyer Training Program, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in order to establish an boy in Native American regalia independent national resource for Native communities and tribal governments.

The goals of NIJC are to design and deliver legal education, research, and technical assistance programs which seek to improve the quality of life for Native communities and the administration of justice in Indian country.
























Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

 WASHINGTON – Furthering President Obama’s Generation Indigenous (“Gen-I”) and Tiwahe initiatives that support American Indian and Alaska Native families and strengthen tribal communities, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Lawrence S. Roberts announced that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has published the final updated version of its 2016 Model Indian Juvenile Code, which was originally issued in 1988 – almost 30 years ago. To read the full announcements go to: http://www.bia.gov/cs/groups/public/documents/text/idc2-050414.pdf

National Center for State Courts

Judge Thorne

Retired Utah Court of Appeals Judge William A. Thorne Jr. has received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Center for State Courts. The award was presented to Thorne during the Utah State Courts’ annual judicial conference in Park City on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 by Mary C. McQueen, president of the national Center for State Courts (NCSC). To read the full article go to: https://shar.es/1E0bfA.


California Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) 

Native American Heritage Commission 40th Anniversary Gala
To commemorate this milestone, the NAHC is hosting a gala celebration. The gala will be held in October 2016 in Sacramento, CA. This celebration will bring together state and local government officials, current and former NAHC commissioners, and tribal leaders from around California to commemorate NAHC’s 40th Anniversary. To view the flyer click here.

Office of the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs, February 24, 2015

Assistant Secretary Washburn announces revised guidelines to ensure that native children and families receive the full protection of the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Guidelines clarify tribal authority, responsibilities of state courts and agencies in Indian child custody proceedings to protect children and their families.
To view the full announcement click here.

News: California Governor Brown signs SB406 - the California Tribal Court Civil Money Judgment Act into law today.

News: The California Franchise Tax Board Tribal Leaders Consultation Session report has been posted to FTB’s website