Environmental Quality and Enforcement in California Indian Country Online Course

NIJC seeks to promote tribal government involvement in the environmental issues that affect them by cultivating positive government-to-government relationships between tribes and other governmental entities on cross-jurisdictional issues.  Educating personnel from other environmental agencies on tribal government sovereignty and the status of Indian lands will increase awareness of the complex jurisdictional maze resulting from historic events and laws and policies asserted over Indian Country.  Technical capacity in these subjects is essential for effective intergovernmental consultation and coordination. This competency will in turn help sensitize the target audience to the environmental justice and regulatory challenges California tribes face within their communities and beyond.  It will help them meet tribes as equal partners in environmental decision making forums.  When tribes perceive that other agencies understand and are sensitive to their concerns, they will be more empowered and likely to participate in environmental decision making as equal partners. Without such basic awareness instilled in other governmental agencies, tribal governments will continue to be disadvantaged in the environmental regulatory process on issues of importance to their communities.

NIJC has built upon the curriculum it developed for Cal/EPA under a 2010 EJ grant to frame the new course, including all of the information from the existing curriculum and new material pertinent to environmental quality and enforcement on tribal lands.

There has been great demand for workshops under the existing curriculum.  In offering it online, many more personnel will be able to participate over the long-term at a much lower cost per person than onsite workshops, in a private setting that affords users the ability to chat one-on-one with course monitors.  In using this approach, the course can be used as a refresher by personnel who have already attended the existing course and as a training tool for new personnel. 

To participate in the course, please use the link below to initiate enrollment in the course. You will receive a username and password by e-mail within 3 to 4 days.

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NIJC Environmental Justice in Transportation for California Indians - Videos

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