Tribal Transformation Safety and Planning Program

Tribal Road Safety Audits

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Links to Road Safety Audit Resources Description
Safe Journeys: Tribal Road Safety Audits Video Click the title link to view in YouTube. Note that DVDs were mailed to transportation points of contact. To order an additional video, contact Carrie Taylor at or call (707) 579-5507. Tribal Road Safety Audit Video Evaluation
Safe Journeys: Tribal Road Safety Audits Online Course To obtain access to the course, please email your name and request for this course title to

Roadway Safety Guide: A Primer for Community Leaders

For the digital version go to:

The Roadway Safety Foundation has released a report that provides community leaders and elected officials with information designed to help improve road safety in their communities.
FHWA Powerpoint Presentation on RSAs by Adam Larsen, FHWA  
Tribal Road Safety Audit Studies  

Road Safety Audit Case Studies: Using Three-Dimensional Design Visualization in the Road Safety Audit Process

Three-Dimensional Visualization in the Road Safety Audit Process is to help Federal, State,
local, and Tribal agencies understand the benefits of utilizing interactive three-dimensional (3-D) visualization to assist an RSA team in assessing the safety effects of potential roadway designs.