Turning Points: A Commitment to Build Stronger and Safer Tribal Communities


This training curriculum is designed to build capacity among tribal leaders, tribal families, health service providers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, judges and non-Natives to prevent sexual violence and inti-mate partner violence (SV/IPV) in tribal com-munities by increasing awareness of the im-pacts of SV/IPV on tribal communities, in-creasing connectivity between young men and boys to their tribal community and culture, increasing capacity of an individual to manage anger and to respond to anger, and increasing the capacity within the community members to mentor young men and boys along a path that will result in stronger and safer tribal communities.

Goals and Objectives

After completing this training curriculum, participants will be able to: 1. Define sexual violence and intimate partner violence (SV/IPV) and why SV/IPV are major social and health prob-lems. 2. Describe various levels where preven-tion activities can be focused (e.g. in-dividual, institutional, community, pub-lic policy). 3. Explain the importance of collabora-tion and the role that different agen-cies, organizations, and disciplines play in prevention. 4. Explain the role and benefits of col-laboration in prevention efforts. 5. Identify gaps in policies, laws, regula-tions and enforcement that, if ad-dressed, could reduce injury and/or violence in the community. 6. Identify potential partners and oppo-nents in influencing policies, laws, regulations and enforcement and dis-tinguish their roles.


The Curriculum

Curriculum Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Defining Violence in Tribal Communities
  3. Resolving Conflicts
  4. Building the Community Web
  5. Improving the Community Response to Violence
  6. Developing Tribal Code Provisions that Address SV/IPV
  7. Dating Violence and the Choose Respect Campaign
  8. Developing a Positive Identity
  9. Understanding FAS and SV/IPV
  10. Tribal Inventories
  11. SV/IPV Resources
  12. Administration